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    My website has a new domain name. I’ve spoken with the office manager at The Antigonish Review and she assures me that my story “The Bedfellow” will be published in the Spring 2014 issue. I’ve asked that she publish it under my pen name Meg Merriet.

    Why the pen name, you might ask? Well, there are a few reasons. The most evident to me is that as a new writer I should tread carefully with what I attach to my name. My name is a permanent brand that I will never escape. I might decide ten years from now to write children’s stories. When my readers’ parents start looking me up, I might not necessarily want them to see my disturbing tales of horror and perversion.

    Another reason for the pen name is that it embodies the very essence of who I am. Merriet was a name passed down in my family. It was my grandfather’s name, my aunt’s name, and it allegedly came from a pirate.

    I might also someday feel embarrassed of my skill level during my twenties and make an effort to remove myself from this Meg Merriet. I can detach her like a train car and pretend that I was always the fabulous writer which I surely will be in my thirties and forties.

    Meg Merriet won’t cease to exist if I choose to leave her behind someday. She is a persona, a young romantic that belongs to everybody. Even if I don’t like her anymore in ten years, she will always be out there on the internet and in printed archives. She will always represent a young woman’s thoughts and dreams during the 2010’s.



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