• Scene One in a Bottle

    The design process of The Shapeshifter has begun. Alexandra Finger presented us with astounding work at our most recent production meeting. The former Lush employee has experience creating themed aromas and diffusing them in a contained environment for company parties. I was immensely impressed with the fragrance designs she presented.

    Scene one, for example, Vanessa’s study, was not only something I would actually wear on a daily basis, but it was a creative interpretation of my work. I could smell leather, coffee, wood and the subtlest hint of something floral, a complex and voluptuous aroma that truly embodied the character Vanessa Whitner.

    Vanessa's Study

    And that is truly the best kind of work you can expect from a production crew, the kind that goes above and beyond to bring life into the motifs and meaning of the play.

    After falling in love with this aroma, we sampled others that would be used for scenes on the ocean, inside the boat, out in the rain. The Demeter samples were very beautiful, but Alexandra wasn’t happy with their lack of presence. All the same, it’s a good beginning. The whole experience got me very excited about the sensory elements of this theater production.

    Scene Two

    The crew has really picked up on what’s going on between the lines and it’s coming out in their work. Our first sample audience will be in February. Samples will continue for the next few months as we experiment in providing an experience without sight, working out kinks as we perfect this blind journey through the mind, a world rich with sound, texture and smell.

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