• Sky Song: Overture Hits the Steampunk Market

              The fate of a nation hangs in the balance as sky pirate Clikk finds herself entangled in a revolution.

    Sky Song: Overture

              This YA steampunk novel chronicles the adventures of Clikk. After her parents are murdered by Duskmen, Clikk disguises herself as a man and becomes a sky pirate. An opportunity arises to remove the Blue Dusk from power. Clikk must deliver a princess to an enclave of rebels, but a slew of obstacles stand in her way, including a crying curse, a royal wedding and the Blue Dusk’s imperial fleet. As Clikk comes of age at the start of a revolution, she struggles to come to terms with her tragic past and her identity as a female.

    Sky Song is now available on Amazon and Wattpad and appropriate for ages 16+.



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