• Sky Song 2: Scherzo, Coming Christmas 2016

    Originally, I had every intention of publishing Sky Song 2 before the end of summer, but now I think it will probably be released just before Christmas. The book is finished, but it is twice as long as the first one, so the proofing process will require more time.
    With any luck, I might release the second audio book at the same time as the paperback! Narrators include Aya the Dishonored, Molly (to be read by Meg Merriet) and a sky pirate who calls himself Miles Blake (to be read by Andrew Wahlberg).
    Of course then you won’t have the joy of holding the book in your hands, sleeping with it under your pillow and dreaming of airships and sky battles. Here’s a picture of the first proof. What do you think of the cover?
    Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 5.36.59 PM
    That’s one thick book, and within its 450 pages is an adventure you’ll never forget.
    Here’s the teaser:
    Aya, a female gladiator, is rescued from the fighting pits by former sky-pirate Clikk the Falcon. To repay the favor, Aya accompanies Clikk on a quest to rescue her dearest friend Molly.

    Together they must infiltrate an anarchist syndicate, a task that requires Clikk to reach out to old criminal associates in the most dangerous city in the world. Amaranthia.

    An alliance with the roguish corsair Miles Blake is imperative to finding Molly, but he’s not the easiest man to trust and time is running out.

    Sorry to make you wait. In the meanwhile, you can get started on book two by reading here on Wattpad. Join the conversation in the comments feed! We’re still debating which is better: sky pirates or water pirates? You can also vent to other readers who feel just as frustrated when one of your favorite characters dies (not that any of them will… >_>). And if you’re really looking for something to do that is Sky Song related, you can leave a review on Amazon to help boost the story in the lists. Thank ye in advance. Happy sky sailing, friends. 😉

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