Sky Song Series

The sequel is out! Sky Song Scherzo is currently being published as a serial on Wattpad. Want to know how the Pirate King is managing his country? How did things turn out for Clikk and Baker? Is Lily Belle still practicing her swordplay? Politics in Elsace are as turbulent as ever and sky piracy remains a scourge on their society. Now our heroes rather find themselves on the other side of things, all except the terrible villain Captain Miles Blake, but he might be swayed yet.

Sky Song: Overture

Clikk is a sky pirate. A picklock with a tragic past. An orphan out for revenge. The Blue Dusk allow knights to brutalize peasants with impunity. As famine grips the provinces, they collect what little harvest remains. Molly, a child with a dangerous secret, could be the catalyst of a revolution, but Captain Dirk of the Wastrel has every intention of selling her to the tyrannical regime. Clikk has other plans, plans involving mutiny, sabotage and a movement that will plunge the nation into chaos.
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